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Research Project Report and Presentation

Why do we need strategic management research?
A recent study (national survey) was conducted by the Association for Strategic Planning revealed that high success organizations employ strategic management framework. Whereas low success organizations is driven by significant risks/challenges.

This report will include the framework of strategic management to assess your organization on a macro and micro level. The purpose of the report is to identify strategic issues and provide recommendations for organizations to consider allocating their resources appropriately. Organizations will have three options:
1. Student-led Faculty Supervised (Research conducted by students and facilitated by faculty).
2. Team-led Faculty Supervised (Research conducted by your designated team and facilitated by faculty).
3. Faculty-led and Supervised (Research conducted and facilitated by faculty).

Module 1 (Week 1)

Executive Summary (at the end)
Background / History (of the Company)
Mission Statement
Strategic Evolution
Company’s Organization and Structure
Purpose of the Report

Module 2 (Week 2)

Basic Industry Information
Industry Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces
Power of Buyers
Power of Suppliers
Purpose of the Report
Threat of Substitutes
Intensity of Rivalry among Established Firms
Industry Attractiveness/Profitability
Summary (Results) of Five Forces
External/Macro Environment
Strategic Group
Opportunities and Threats

Module 3 (Week 3)

Value Chain Analysis
Primary Activities
Support Activities
Results of Value Chain Analysis
Summary of Value Adding Activities
Competitive Advantage Indicators
Financial Ratio Analysis
Summary of SWOT Analyses
Industry Attractiveness/Profitability
Summary (Results) of Five Forces

Module 4 (Week 4)

Generic Business Level Strategy
Advantages and Disadvantages of Business-Level Strategy

Module 5 (Week 5)

Alternative # 1
Advantages and Disadvantages
Alternative # 2
Advantages and Disadvantages
Decision Quality
Decision Tree
Recommendation and Justification
Future Vision

Suggested Fee for member: $1,000.
Suggested Fee for non-member: $1,250.
Please contact us at for Research Project schedule.
These are suggested fee for service to cover the cost. However, you may apply for 50% or 100% sposorship. You may download the sponsorship application from our home page.