Strategic Planning

Why you need strategic planning?

Scientific studies in the field of small business confirm that one small business fails every 60 seconds. Yet, only 19% of small business owners regularly practice any type of strategic planning despite the mounting evidence that there is a strong relationship between strategic planning and the prospects for small business success.

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning addresses the following three fundamental questions:

1). Where is an organization heading over the next several years?
2). How is it going to get there?
3). How will it know if it got there or not?

Group Strategic Planning Clinic (Membership Included)

SDeFoundation™ understands that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Therefore, we designed the following two high quality-low cost innovative membership choices:
a). 1 day Emersion to develop Strategic Plan (Included in Deluxe Membership)
b). 2 day Emersion to develop Strategic Plan (Included in Premium Membership)
Note: 2:1 Member-Facilitator ratio (maximimum 6) to provide cost-effective services backed by SDeFoundation's 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Total of two individual per organization may participate in Strategic Planning Clinic.

Individual Strategic Planning Facilitation

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During our free pre-conference meeting, we will determine the suitable length (number of days/hours) of the strategic planning session for your organization.

To accommodate your organization’s needs, we utilize the strategic planning framework from our comprehensive strategic management research program, which is derived from best practices. The standard SDeFoundation™ strategic planning model is simple.

We employ the following ten easy steps:

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1. Creating or revisiting your organization’s mission, vision, and value statements

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2. Conducting an external and internal analysis
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3. Conducting SWOT (which is derived from Step 2)
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4. Identifying strategic issues and converting them into SMART Goals (which is derived from Step 3)

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5. Developing strategies to address your organization’s strategic issues (SMART Goals)

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6. Fine-tuning your organization’s business model
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7. Technology (website evaluation or development) to increase credibility and efficiency

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8. Developing a strategic action plan (long-term goals, annual goals, and short-term action items to achieve those goals)
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9. Developing a budget

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10. Developing a message map for internal and external communications

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